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How to Make Beer


This kind of planning can be a recipe currently used by several newbies in brewing. It has been examined and accepted by several folks so it's a much more assured approach to start. In excess of time, you may either alter some thing or include other acquired information together with your added readings.

In case you are among those people that have researched a lot of approaches to create beer, certainly some things you may see here may be different from what exactly is written. We emphasize that it truly is extremely critical to follow the temperatures and occasions of each part of the method. This will guarantee the achievement of the very first beer. You could possibly disclose this technique on other websites, but we request that you just usually indicate the origin on the strategy. The list of tools might be witnessed here.



Grind the five.0 kg Malt. For this function use a disc mill, or preferably a roller mill.

Secret: open the malt to expose the starch without having damaging the malt shell. Crushed bark makes it tough to filter have to.

Weigh 24 g of Hops.

Heat 18 liters of water to 68ºC in a stainless steel or aluminum pan.

Prepare one more twenty liters of water in an additional pan. Heat it to 76ºC.



Add the ground malt gradually for the 18 liters of water at 68ºC stirring with a spoon of polyethylene (usually do not allow to kind lumps).

At the end the temperature must be shut to 65ºC.

Rest this mixture for 80 minutes using the pan covered. In case the temperature drops to 63 ° C, heat up using a cooker hood on low heat right up until the temperature reaches 65 ° C to 66 ° C yet again.

Anytime the mixture is heated, it should be shaken for a far more precise studying about the thermometer. Reaching the temperature, flip off the fire once more.

Before completing the 80 minutes do the iodine check. Using the spoon you used to stir the wort wet precisely the same within the malt + water mixture and drip a few drops on a white tile or white porcelain dish. Soon after select up the 2% iodine flask and drip 1 drop over the wort that was positioned within the tile. If the coloration is yellow gold soon after 80 minutes, proceed with all the recipe heating as much as 76 ° C if it is nonetheless showing traces or till a strong coloration of a "purple color" the mostura need to stay several more minutes in the temperature of 65 ° C.

Right after these 80 minutes raise the temperature to 76ºC in five minutes constantly shaking using the spoon. Don't raise the temperature sharply, let it attain the new plate in the correct time. If soon after this time continue to be the purple color interrupt the method. The brings about of this problem might be:

Malt milling failures.

Decalibrated thermometer.

Temperature in the flask rose at the start in the flask above 76 ° C which deactivated the enzymes.

In 76ºC depart to rest yet another ten minutes with the pot covered.


Pass the Mostura (malt + water) by means of a double white bag (bags of sugar that is utilised to produce dishcloth). This bag should be totally cleaned and sterilized with hot water.

Here you'll be able to also use a pot having a false bottom. In this case water need to be positioned at 76 ° C within the bottom from the pan right up until it starts to escape by means of the holes inside the false bottom.

When utilizing the false bottom pan, initially filter the main must (= very first wort). Volume of ± 11-13 liters and density of ± one,066 - 16,14 ° Plato.

To facilitate the extraction from the residual sugar even now contained inside the bagasse cake, make cuts inside the fashion "plaid pizza".

Include the initial 10 liters from the complete from 20 to 76 ° C. Process according to the guide in the filter pan. The 10 liters filtered in this step are mixed using the already filtered main have to.

Repeat the complete method using the other 10 liters of water. Add these ten liters towards the rest on the currently filtered need to.

In situation of use of a white bag right after the primary need to has become filtered, all 20 liters of water are added at 76 ° C in a single go.

Mix every one of the wort contained within the boiling pan, which ought to possess a density of 1.044.

W . FLAT From the Must

Deliver the filtered must towards the intense Boil within a pan. (Can be the identical as within the Preliminary Mosse.)

When beginning the boil include the hops.

At fifty five minutes boil include a whirlfloc tablet to 25 liters or one gram when granulated.

Always boil intensely during the 70 Minutes.

Following turning off the fire check the volume from the wort while in the pan and determine the density that must be all around 1,050.

Right after the measurements of density and volume together with the aid from the spoon cause a stir in the wort as the sugar dissolves within the cup of tea. With great intensity right up until forming a network-mill.

Let rest for 20 minutes.

After extracting with Siphon program (plastic hose type new crystal as it pulls gasoline from tank)

(Fill the hose with water before starting up the siphon method, as though you suck together with your mouth.